Police Forces

APU’s team of investigators is, uniquely, made up mainly of former Police Officers who have a proven heritage in successful anti-fraud cases.

Their presence in the team means they are also perfectly positioned to work with Police Forces and other law enforcement agencies nationwide, with a secure knowledge of the way in which these organisations work and an understanding of the intricacies and niceties of the Police structure and methods.

These team members will, unlike any other anti-fraud investigation team in the country, be able to converse with senior Police Officers in their own ‘language’, making for a smoother transfer of information and a more efficient path to a successful case result.

Our role with Police Forces is, largely, to support their overall aim of protecting and serving our communities, a philosophy wholeheartedly supported by APU.

As such, our team has, on many occasions, applied their decades of expertise in the field of Police anti-fraud work to cases led by forces across the UK for no fee.

Several Police Forces around the UK have, however, given APU recognition for its support on key operations.

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