Our Successes

APU Limited has been a crucial part in securing a conviction in almost every large motor fraud case in recent years.


Most recently, we were instrumental in what is possibly the largest fraud on the civil justice system, putting the spotlight on some of the biggest motor insurers as beneficiaries of the alleged ‘industrial scale’ fraudulent practices of Autofocus, a provider of post-accident witness information from 2004 until it went into administration in 2010.

Our investigation team uncovered the ‘industrial scale’ fraud of Autofocus, whose false evidence had been deployed in up to 4,000 cases.

In February 2012, our client won the right to apply to commit seven members of Autofocus to prison for contempt of court. The case returns to court again on October 12 2012. Our client is still pursuing £6m in outstanding Autofocus claims.


The successful conviction of £6.5m ‘crash for cash’ fraudster, Masi Naqshbandi at Croydon Crown Court in August 2012, further enhanced the reputation of APU amongst law enforcement authorities.

The team once again provided crucial ‘glue’ between the insurance industry and Police authorities.

Naqshbandi was found guilty of staging more than 250 crashes in order to fraudulently claim referral fees off solicitors and storage costs for the damaged vehicles for his firm, Real Accident Helpline Limited. Overall, 26 people were arrested, some pleaded guilty for fraud related offences, others were given cautions and a number were not taken further.

Led by former Police officers and forensic data analysts, our team recovered vital documentation and presented hundreds of pieces of crucial evidence on locations, vehicle movements and the identities of other members of Naqshbandi’s gang.

Naqshbandi’s imprisonment of 7 years and 3 months, handed down in August 2012, is the highest ‘crash for cash’ sentence to date.

Other examples

Last year alone, APU assisted Police Forces nationwide in the imprisonment of 15 individuals, saving insurers £5m in bogus claims.

In 2009, Accident Exchange identified crucial evidence that led to the conviction of Hussein Hassani for 4 years for his role in staging over £3m of bogus road traffic accidents.


“I wish to offer, on behalf of myself and my staff, our sincere gratitude for your efforts, in particular the professional and sensitive way in which you and your staff conducted your business whilst assisting us with our enquiries.” Detective Superintendent, Mark Smith – Greater Manchester Police

“I would like to thank you and your company for all the assistance you gave the Serious and Organised Crime Unit (Operations Maple) of South Yorkshire Police. Your involvement directly led to the arrest and prosecution of three individuals for the possession of a loaded handgun. Without your assistance, the operation may not have come to such a successful conclusion.” Det Supt (Operations) Tony Thompson, South Yorks Police

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